Why the frog?

We like to be noticed. So does the frog.

Bonking frog (a.k.a. Western banjo frog) is the common name for the particularly noisy fellows found leaping about our vineyard. Clamouring for attention with their distinctive call, BONK!, these frogs really know how to make themselves heard.

We like their sense of adventure too. We find them in our bathroom, our buckets and in our boots in the morning all over the place. And if it’s true that frogs aplenty are a good indicator of the health of a natural environment, we must be doing something right in the vineyard.

Land, water, rain, sun these frogs belie their fragile nature to survive our harsh Australian climate with gusto. Their spirited determination is therefore wonderful inspiration for our name, our label and our objectives. You’ve got to love a bonking frog!