The Geographe Region

Bonking Frog is just 2 hours south of Perth, in the heart of the Geographe Wine Region. Geographe is a large and diverse region, bounded by the curve of Geographe Bay, extending across the wide coastal plain and the rolling hills of the Darling Scarp, from Harvey to Busselton and inland to Donnybrook and Collie. The Geographe Region is fast developing into one of Australia’s most exciting wine areas.

There is a world of discovery waiting for you here. This is how wine was meant to be. No large companies with formula made wines, here most of our wineries are small and family owned.

Visit a cellar door and it is likely to be the owner or winemaker who greets you, welcoming you in to share a piece of their home and their passion.

The wines of Geographe are as diverse as the people who make them, but there is a common thread that runs through our region, our people and our wines – sunshine, passion, love and laughter.

We are blessed to live in this wonderful region; our vines, like us, thrive in the warm sunshine and relish the cooling afternoon breezes that roll in from the Ocean. Come and visit us, sample our wines, share our passion – discover us.